Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Many Colorful Dishes

Yesterday's breakfast was 2 eggs plus 1 egg white scrambled, spinach, and some sweet potato. It is beautiful! Combined with my blue plate, it is a 4-color meal. Thinking another cool goal during this challenge would be to get as many colors as possible onto my plate.

For lunch I had the never-ending chicken and spinach soup, but added more spinach and chicken sausage to it. I also had a salad with oil and vinegar.

This afternoon, my kindergartner and I made meatloaf. We used a recipe from the Everyday Paleo cookbook. I hope the family likes it. That's a lot of meat!

Ok... dinner was great! Except... my kids didn't touch their meatloaf or sweet potatoes. GRRRRRRR I thought that having them really involved in the making of dinner would help, but alas... it did not.

Here was dinner: meatloaf, salad, mashed sweet potatoes with ginger and cinnamon. I had an extra helping of meatloaf, sweet potatoes and salad. I just couldn't get full! I also had a frozen banana cut up in a bowl for dessert. It was a good way to have a sweet! Rest of family had corn on the cob, too.

Today's activity was Yoga with Rodney Yee on DVD. Picture this: kids were building with legos all around my mat, and crawling through my backbend and downward dog tunnel and jumping on my child's pose. Not my most relaxing yoga experience. I was also fielding questions from my 3 year old, Jack, the entire time- "Why are you laying down, Mamma?, Why are you doing that?, Why is his belly out? (Rodney Yee only had shorts on)" My daughter asked, "Why is he only wearing underwear?" I hope to be back to Crossfit soon!

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